• Alexandria Company for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Parts  is one of the largest international companies working in the field
    of refrigerant gases and air conditioning and refrigeration spare parts, as it has several branches in some Arab countries, 
    including (Egypt - Saudi Arabia - UAE) since 32 years  and has started importing and exporting all types of refrigeration and air conditioning gases and from Then spare parts of all kinds that are used in all refrigeration and air conditioning industries 
    and their derivatives. Alexandria Company has worked since  the beginning in the finest and purest types of gases and  this has given it enough experience  to put its own product in the Arab markets and it has met with great success in the Arab Gulf region and Egypt.  It was not satisfied with that. The finest and best types of spare parts used in refrigeration and air conditioning in order to meet
    your needs from one reliable and high quality source,  which is the Alexandria Company .

  • The company has a long history of exporting to the Arab world 32 years ago Thanks to a team with long experience and has no other people (the family),
  •  may God have mercy on our leader and founder, Haji / Mohamed Mesalam